Types of Triangles

Types of Triangles

You’ve decided to buy a watch and the vendor asks you what sort of specs you want to assist you. For example, there are plastic, metal, leather strapped watches and alarm clocks. We can here speak about some similar characteristics between the watches.

In case of triangles, not all triangles are the same. Some triangles have special properties; some are related to edge lengths and some are related to corner angles of  the triangle etc.

Types of Triangles Based on Sides

Scalene/unequal triangle:

The lengths are of various sizes – so this is used for triangles where all of the edge lengths are different..

Isosceles triangle

A triangle where 2 edges of the triangle are of equal length. Think of it like ‘twins’.

Equilateral triangle

A triangle where all edges are of equal length.

Types of Triangles Based on Angles

We are going to name triangles according to their angles.

Acute angled triangle:

Triangles where all angles are less than 90°.

Right angled triangle :

Triangles where one angle is 90°. Note that, the other angles cannot be 90° or larger.

Obtuse angled triangle:

Triangles where one angle is larger than 90°; so, the other angles must be less than 90°.